By Joe Yogerst, CNN San Juan, Puerto Rico (CNN) — Last summer, Puerto Rican tourism officials were getting flooded with calls about “Despacito” (“Slowly”), the sexy megahit by Puerto Rican crooners Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee that made history as the most streamed song of all time. But nowadays they’re much more likely to get… read more

By Manuel R. De Juan von Waldkirch, Orlando Sentinel Puerto Rico’s situation reminds me of the movie “Cast Away.” After struggling to survive, the castaway awakes to intermittent sounds: thuds. Minutes go by. Thud! He fears there is someone else on the island. He yells, “Who’s there?” No answer. Later, a coconut falls next to… read more

By Sarah Ruiz-Grossman, Huffington Post Puerto Rico was hit by a massive blackout this week, wiping out electricity across the island. And it’s likely just the latest of many more to come, as the U.S. territory continues to recover from Hurricane Maria. On Wednesday, more than 1.4 million people in Puerto Rico found themselves without… read more

By Adam Rogers, WIRED AND THEN THE lights went out. Again. The loss of electrical power in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands after Hurricane Maria churned across the islands in September 2017 was already the second-biggest blackout in the history of power on Earth—3.4 billion lost customer-hours. But in recent weeks, various agencies… read more

By Associated Press, NBC News SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Puerto Rico’s Department of Education announced Thursday that it will close 283 schools this summer following a sharp drop in enrollment amid the island’s long economic slump and the continued departure of families after Hurricane Maria. Education Secretary Julia Keleher said there would be no… read more

By DANNY VINIK, POLITICO The federal government significantly underestimated the potential damage to Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria and relied too heavily on local officials and private-sector entities to handle the cleanup, according to a POLITICO review of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s plan for the disaster. The plan, which was developed by a FEMA… read more

By: Nsikan Akpan, PBS Six months after Hurricane Maria, and whole towns in Puerto Rico still remain without power. To imagine living for half a year without energy, try this experiment. Turn off your lights and television. Unplug your refrigerator, your washer and dryer and stereo. Leave off your faucets, because your town’s pumps need… read more

By: Arelis R. Hernández, Washington Post CAYEY, Puerto Rico — Norma Ramos and Helga Marrero stood outside, chatting, as a Thursday afternoon dusk diluted the last bits of blue sky and sunshine in La Merced. Nearly every cement-block house along their meandering mountain road flickered to life as indoor lighting flashed on. A girl ran… read more

By: Daniella Silva, Mariana Atencio, & Hans Nichols, NBC News SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — As Puerto Rico deals with a lack of power, food and drinking water in the wake of Hurricane Maria, residents are also in dire need of another commodity: Cold hard cash. And that means what little other resources are available often… read more

  Americans Helping Americans: Join Our Puerto Rico Relief Efforts   As Puerto Rico continues its recovery efforts following the devastation brought by Hurricane Maria, the Puerto Rico Economic Recovery Initiative (PRERI) would like to thank those who have provided aid, in any form, and volunteered their time, resources, and thoughts and prayers to the… read more