September 29, 2017

Americans Helping Americans: Join Our Puerto Rico Relief Efforts


Americans Helping Americans: Join Our Puerto Rico Relief Efforts


As Puerto Rico continues its recovery efforts following the devastation brought by Hurricane Maria, the Puerto Rico Economic Recovery Initiative (PRERI) would like to thank those who have provided aid, in any form, and volunteered their time, resources, and thoughts and prayers to the Puerto Rican people. PRERI is thankful for the outpouring of support from President Trump, U.S. elected officials and our fellow Americans from across the country who have made sacrifices to provide the help Puerto Rico so desperately needs.


PRERI also strongly urges continued support. Puerto Rico was already facing severe challenges before the storm and the devastation in its aftermath is devastating.


Nearly the entire island remains without power – and many locations will have to wait as many as six months before it is restored. What’s more, the lack of clear roads is hindering the delivery of fuel, medicine, clean drinking water and food.


This situation is dire. Speedy and far-reaching aid is critical to the survival of millions of American citizens.


PRERI asks for federal aid to continue to escalate in the face of these dire circumstances. The island’s future and that of its inhabitants depends on support from all levels of the federal government – as well as citizens across the country – to help the Americans in Puerto Rico when they cannot help themselves.


Please do your part and donate to recovery efforts through PRERI’s contribution portal. Your help will not go unnoticed and our Americans helping Americans effort will be productive in bringing vital resources to thousands of Puerto Ricans.


Thank you for standing with us.


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