April 12, 2016


Washington, D.C. – Puerto Rico Economic Recovery Initiative (PRERI) Executive Director Javier Ortiz today called on the U.S. House of Representatives to act with speed and purpose on behalf of the 3.4 million Americans living in Puerto Rico.  Tomorrow, Congress will honor the U.S. Army’s 65th Infantry Regiment as the House Committee on Natural Resources begins its mark up of legislation to address the island’s fiscal crisis.

“April 13, 2016 is a day where Americans from, and living in, Puerto Rico are front and center to the entire nation.  Tomorrow, Congress will recognize the incredible service of the U.S. Army’s 65th Infantry Regiment soldiers.  During the Korean War alone, the soldiers of this regiment earned a Medal of Honor, ten Distinguished Service Crosses, approximately 250 Silver Stars, over 600 Bronze Stars, and more than 2,700 Purple Hearts.  The heroic service of these Americans from Puerto Rico is unquestionable.”

“As Congress honors these brave Americans, they will also start the process to develop a plan to promote fiscal accountability and prosperity in Puerto Rico by enabling debt restructuring and economic recovery in Puerto Rico.  All members of Congress swore an oath to faithfully represent all Americans.  The 3.4 million Americans living in Puerto Rico need Congress to rise above partisan politics and immediately address the suffering of their fellow Americans on the island.  Not doing so is a dereliction of their duties. ”

“Americans from Puerto Rico have a well-documented tradition of service to our nation and defending our freedoms.  It is time for Congress to stand up to the special interests and stand with the patriotic Americans in Puerto Rico who need swift action to avoid a humanitarian crisis.”