The Federal Tax Code needs to be changed! Puerto Rico is not “foreign!”

Congress and the Trump Administration must take steps to restore stability to the island.

The crisis could be extremely costly for the people of Puerto Rico and U.S. taxpayers alike.

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By Eva Lloréns Vélez, Caribbean Business SAN JUAN — After the head of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (Prepa), José Ortiz, said he would submit the utility’s integrated resource plan to the Energy Bureau (PREB) by May 31, he has requested an extension until Friday. On Wednesday, the regulator granted Prepa’s request as well… read more

By Nicole Acevedo, NBC News Puerto Rico residents, who already pay almost twice as much for electricity as U.S. customers, are facing a 13 percent spike under an agreement government officials made to repay bondholders who own the debt of the island’s bankrupt power authority. The average residential household in Puerto Rico would start seeing… read more

By Ashley Hackett, Pacific Standard When Amanda Y. Feliciano Bonilla was growing up, she never imagined leaving her home island of Puerto Rico. Raised in what she calls “the projects” of Guaynabo, a low-income area surrounded by wealth, Bonilla takes pride in the person she’s become and in the community she calls home. Unfortunately, she… read more

By Molly Schwartz, The New York Times For nearly a year after rain stopped falling on Puerto Rico, the island was without full power. For months, thousands of businesses closed and did not reopen. And for nearly as long, internet was scarce. So when Emmanuel Oquendo and Israel Figueroa Fontánez found connectivity along a central… read more

By John Bowden, The Hill President Trump on Tuesday blasted politicians in Puerto Rico, calling them incompetent while saying the “best thing” that ever happened for the island is “President Donald J. Trump.” In a pair of tweets, which came just hours after the Senate rejected dueling disaster aid proposals on Monday amid a fight… read more